City and Randall County brainstorm Greenways lake drain

City and Randall County brainstorm Greenways lake drain

Amarillo, TX - Citizens are still looking for whoever is responsible for pumping the water out of the Greenway's playa Lake in Amarillo, which has caused a major headache for those who live on 77th St.

The frustration of these citizens is warranted, there's actually fish swimming around in people's front yards. So the question is, who is going to take care of this problem?

As it turns out, there's really not anyone to blame. The playa lake is not man made...therefore there isn't a design flaw to blame. According to the City, playa lakes aren't pumped, they're supposed to soak up the water and deposit it to the aquifer.

However, it remains clear this water isn't moving, so the City, along with Randall County are in talks to come up with a plan to remove it.

Randall County said 500 ft. of the playa lake is within their jurisdiction, and about 1,800 ft. of it belongs to the City. The runoff is coming from the north, which means technically the flooding is caused by City water.

However it's no ones fault, and if anything, we can blame mother nature.

Both the City and Randall County said they understand the hardship these businesses and homes are facing, and they are doing their best to come up with a way to remove it. However right now, with much of the city's lakes full, there's nowhere to pump the water, so a plan to remove the water is still in the works.