Past meets the future at the U Drop Inn

Past meets the future at the U Drop Inn

Shamrock, TX - Take a ride down historic Route 66 and there's a place in Shamrock you can't miss. The U Drop Inn has been one of the staples in Shamrock for decades, and a new element is taking it to the next level.

It all started with casual eaves dropping. Economic Development Corporation director Larry Clonts was at a conference a year ago where he heard the opportunity of a life time.

"When I was presenting, I was sandwiched between two other presenters who were with Tesla. One of them was mentioning the fact that they were going to make Route 66 the first electric highway," Clonts said.

Clonts says Shamrock's U Drop Inn was the prefect place where the past can meet the future. After months of planning and construction, a supercharging station was introduced to the U Drop.

The building was built in the 30's and was used as s Conoco gas station and cafe. Over the years, the U Drop was restored and became one of the most visited sites for Shamrock with thousands of people a month.

"One of the reasons why they choose it is because it's a historical site that a lot of people enjoy seeing and there's a lot of really good restaurants right in this area," said Shamrock Mayor Buc Weatherby.

The new addition did not cost the city a penny.

"All Shamrock has to do as a city was furnish the land which we already owned. Tesla picked up the tab for everything else which was about $250,000," Weatherby said.

Since its recent opening, both Weatherby and Clonts say they see about two to three cars a day at the charging station. Its only take about 45 minutes to fully charge a car and the city says it's free.

The new addition is only one unique aspect where the old meets the new. The historic place was featured in the animated movie Cars and last year the gift shop was expanded.