Shamrock hotels keeping busy year-round

Shamrock hotels keeping busy year-round

Shamrock, TX - Shamrock's hotels offer a hole-in-one deal for their guests.

Anyone who stays in Shamrock will receive a free round of gold at its Country Club.

This free gift has helped the hotel business stay busy almost all year long, with about an 85% occupancy or better.

Managers say though the hotel business can be competitive, they work together to make sure their guests have a good time while visiting town.

"Since I've been here the last seven years helping run this business, I feel like the other hotels and I have a really good connection. When we all fill up, everybody's doing well. We've made phone calls to each other, "Hey, I'm getting kind of full and I can help you out. Can I send you some rooms?" So we have that kind of camaraderie here," said Ruiz Lilly, the general manager for Shamrock's Holiday Inn Express.

As a plus, all the recent rain has kept the golf course looking greener than ever.