Shamrock home to tallest water tower in Texas

Shamrock home to tallest water tower in Texas

Shamrock, TX - One big economic boom in Shamrock is also known as a "Kodak moment" for tourists.

Shamrock's water tower is dubbed the tallest of its type in Texas.

Made of steel, the tower sits at 175 feet tall.

The tower was built in 1915 and over time has become a staple for the city, for thousands of people come to visit every year.

However, the water tower is more than a tourist attraction; it's vital to the city.

"It's still an active water tower to this day. We use it whenever we have to shut off our pumps and so forth to the town. We're very fortunate where we're located. We don't have to pump water into the water tower. It actually is gravity-fed," said Shamrock city manager David Rushing.

Around the tower is a visitor's guide, garden and mural for people to stop and rest.

The tower is mostly maintained by volunteers.