Lucky stones in Shamrock's backyard

Lucky stones in Shamrock's backyard

Shamrock, TX - Shamrock residents are luckier than most.

That's because they have a little piece of Ireland right in their backyard.

The Lord of Dublin donated the Blarney Stone to Shamrock in the 1960's..

The stone came from Blarney Castle and sits at the city's Pioneer West Museum.

Attendees at the museum say many people from all over the world come to the museum just to see the stone.

"We have to have something from Ireland that was in Ireland, and since Shamrock isn't Irish, we're very proud to say that we have something that belonged to the Blarney Castle," said museum attendee Ester Macias.

A small piece of the Blarney Stone is also found at Shamrock's Elmore Park.

Some say if you rub it or kiss it while on your back, it will bring you good luck.