Famous songwriter calls Shamrock home

Famous songwriter calls Shamrock home

Shamrock, TX - Some country musicians have Shamrock to thank for a few famous songs. A well-known songwriter and radio broadcaster call the four clove city home.

As a teenager, Bill Mack started out working at an AM radio station in Shamrock, keeping the truck drivers entertained.

After many years in radio, he was known as "The Midnight Cowboy."

His burst into stardom happened when he wrote the song "Blue" recorded by LeAnn Rimes, which won him a Grammy in 1997.

Mack also wrote "Drinkin' Champagne," which became a hit for Cal Smith.

While his songwriting career was successful, many say Mack's career path helped others achieve goals in radio.

"Bill kind of set the way for some of us. In this little town of Shamrock, there are five of us that ended up being professional broadcasters. Bill and I talk a couple of times a month and he is talking about coming back pretty soon actually," said Shamrock Mayor Buc Weatherby.

In the 80's, Mack was inducted into the County Music DJ Hall of Fame and in the 90's, he was named in the Texas County Music Hall of Fame.

Mack and his wife now live in Fort Worth.