Incredible Pictures - Monday Rain, Clouds and Flooding

Incredible Pictures - Monday Rain, Clouds and Flooding

Amarillo, TX - Extreme flooding around Amarillo is taking a toll on various business and residential areas.

Live fish on sidewalks was not an uncommon sight today in areas of Amarillo and some residents may be seeing them for a while.

Streets have become lakes of their own with the recent downpours of rain.
Look at any playa lake around town and you can see the toll it's taking.
Assistant City Manager Bob Cowell tells us the city is working hard to clear those lakes in the city.

"All of our lakes were up obviously to their maximum ability to hold any water and so last night's rain, we not only experienced a lot of street flooding because we got such a large amount, but certainly our playas all started flooding as well, so we have been dealing all night and this morning with those lakes that have overflown," says Cowell.

Some residents, however live near playa lakes outside of city limits...leaving them with what they say are limited resources to help them with flooding.
Owner of Le Chateau pet resort Dawn Hallgren says her business has been without water for weeks.

"We've stopped bathing altogether, so now we've got aside from additional expenses that weren't anticipated, we have loss of income because of the lack of bathing," says Hallgren.

"No we don't get involved with those," says Cowell. "The counties do have flood plain management and they may at times get involved with them as well, but our focus is on the 67 playas that we have inside the city limits."

While the city is working on taking care of areas in its own jurisdiction, Hallgren says she hopes someone somewhere will see their living conditions.

"I don't know what we can do, but we sure need to be noticed and helped if there's a way that somebody could just take notice," says Hallgren. There are people in Amarillo living without running water and is there anything that can be done?"

The City of Amarillo will have emergency crews on standby this evening, should any residents need saving from areas surrounding playa lakes.

Overnight rains caused many places to flood.

  • I-40 and Washington closed temporarily
  • I-40 and Ross had flooding
  • Downtown on Buchanan and Fillmore under the bridge was closed about midnight, but later reopened
  • 4th and Ong had flooding
  • FM 168 from 1075 to 621 flooded
  • State Highway 86 East and Westbound in and around Nazareth experienced flooding 

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