Commissioner shares Facebook post, draws likes and controversial comments

Commissioner shares Facebook post, draws likes and controversial comments

Clovis, NM - It's the Facebook post shared around the Curry County. Commissioner, Chet Spear never thought sharing a post would attract this much attention.

"I shared it. That's it, I just shared it," said Spear.

When he hit the share button, he didn't think twice about it. The post read "Oklahoma offers their driver's license exam exclusively in English, like if you agree."

"There was nothing behind it, it was just interesting. I figured other people would like to see that. I share a lot everyday," said Spear.

Some Curry County residents think there was something behind it. Spear was harshly criticized on Facebook for being racist against Hispanics. Many comments said he should not be re-elected as count commissioner.

"All this because I shared an add from Oklahoma. I'm by no means a racist, have never been, never will be. I love New Mexico," said Spear.

Some Clovis reactions were mixed. While some say it is racist, others disagree. One Clovis resident said "We should give them their right to be able to use their language so that they understand what they're reading." But another resident says, "This is America, learn the language."

Although Spear says he meant no harm by it, he is not offering an apology to anyone offended.

"You can't please everybody and it's very easy to upset everybody," said Spear.

Spear shared the post earlier this week, and since then he has taken it down from his Facebook page.