Bovina dancing horses steal the show

Bovina dancing horses steal the show

Bovina, TX - Some horses in Bovina have a hidden talent. They can dance.

Marixa Rocha and her father Jose have trained three dancing horses who seem to enjoy upbeat Spanish music as much as their owners.

The horses can tap along to the beat of the music, sway, kick and even side step.

They have traveled across the Panhandle to showcase their moves at parades and other events.

"To take them across the Panhandle is really fun because we get to meet new people," said Marixa Rocha. "They get to be different places and people get to see them do their dancing and all their tricks. They get amused by them. It's just fun to watch the crowd have fun watching these horses dance."

The Rocha family rents out their horses to perform at private events as well. If you are interested in learning more about their talented performers, you can contact them at 806-250-3079.