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Amarillo chosen to test McDonald's "Create Your Own Taste" product line

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo was one of three markets chosen to test the new "Create Your Own Taste" product line. 

"They kind of looked at markets across the country and said, 'Amarillo, Texas, that would be an interesting market to try it.' If it doesn't succeed there it probably won't succeed anywhere because you know we are beef country here," Brandon Clavel, a marketing director for McDonald's says. 

The concept allows customers to build their own burgers at kiosk stations separate from the registers. 

New ingredients and beef will be featured. 

"We are very special. It's exciting. We are one of three markets in the entire county that has it right now that's a a part of the test," Clavel says. "There's one in Missouri, one in California, and one in Amarillo and that's it right now."

Servers will bring food to guests, and guests will be greeted at the door. Clavel says the additions will give customers an entirely new experience. 

By the end of July, Amarillo will have nine unique locations before the concept spreads across cities in the panhandle. 

Clavel believes the additions will boost the Amarillo economy due to the added positions at participating McDonald's locations. 

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