Texas panhandle sees newly seal coated roads

Texas panhandle sees newly seal coated roads

Amarillo, TX - Many Amarillo roads are getting a makeover.

Seal coat jobs are taking place all over the panhandle.

TxDOT Spokesperson Paul Braun says the coats will give roads up to three extra years of life. He says the coats are 8 times cheaper than an asphalt layover and can save money for other projects.

"We have a limited amount of money that we can spend on maintenance in the Amarillo district," Braun says. "So we have to let those dollars spread as best as we can. And a seal coat operation is not as expensive as milling and filling with asphalt."

Braun admits the coats can be an inconvenience for motorists, but he says driving 20 to 30 mph will greatly diminish the chances of damaging your vehicle or getting oil and rocks stuck under it.

"The slower you go the less of a chance of your vehicle getting oil or being damaged by rocks," he says. "So just take your time. Slow down if you've come across a fresh seal coat operation or an operation that is still ongoing and you'll be fine."

According to Braun all motorists must proceed slowly to limit the damage the rocks and oil can inflict to other vehicles as well.