City keeping an eye on flooded lakes, but not near Greenways lake

City keeping an eye on flooded lakes, but not near Greenways lake

Amarillo, TX - Residents and business owners who are still dealing with their flooded properties have turned to the city for help.

The Greenways Lake off of 77th and Soncy Road has been a growing problem for people in the area, but the city says they have no authority over the lake because it's privately owned.

Many people in that area have also blamed the flooding on the developers across the street, saying their excess water is draining to the lake. The city says the developers have complied within FEMA rules and a solution to the flooding may not be so simple.

"The biggest problem is even if I could go out there and pump the water, I don't have any place to take it. All of the other lakes in the area are also full and I can't justify pumping water out of the Greenways Lake and causing a flooding for someone else," said City Engineer, Mark Read.

Although the Greenways Lake isn't on the city's radar, they are keeping their eyes on 5 other lakes in the city. Read's biggest concern is McDonald Lake at John Stiff Park that has flooded benches, trees, and walkways-- temporarily shutting it down.

"We've gone back and put a second pump back in the McDonald Lake. Just depending on how much help we get from the evaporation, we may get a little less than a foot a day and right now that lake is probably close to 30 feet deep," said Read.

The city has a total of 6 pumps, all of which are being used at the city's lakes. Read says the pumped water goes to Medi and Thompson Park.

Read recommends those flooding residents not to pump their septic tanks, as it could back up into homes and affect well water.