Local resident angry with census survey

Local resident angry with census survey

Amarillo, TX - Every 10 years the U.S. Census is taken.

Census workers go door-to-door and ask questions to randomly chosen residents.

Census workers are trained not to take no for an answer, but some residents do not want to be solicited after saying no, and claim some workers are taking their jobs to the extreme.

"When you have a government agency harassing you, that should be a crime in itself. I mean, no means no. Don't come to my house. Don't knock on my door. I said I'm not going to participate in your survey, " said Amarillo resident Marla Owens.

Owens has contacted the Amarillo Police Department to file trespassing charges, and even after contacting the Regional Census Office, she has received a letter claiming another worker will be sent to her home.

If citizens have dealt with this issue and have further concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Amarillo Better Business Bureau.