Director of Repent Amarillo wins federal lawsuit from Fort Worth gay pride rally

Director of Repent Amarillo wins federal lawsuit from Fort Worth gay pride rally

Amarillo, TX - David Grisham, the leader of Repent Amarillo, wins a federal lawsuit after being thrown out of a gay pride rally for passing out Christian scriptures in Fort Worth.

Grisham has been known for controversy, but says this case was not so much about spreading the Christian word, but more about knowing your public rights.

"We have rights guaranteed by the constitution and I for one am not going to just roll over and let them go away," said Grisham.

Grisham, along with his family and several followers were on the sidelines of a gay pride rally passing out a Christian scripture that Grisham wrote in October of 2014.

"We were confronted by the police and they told us that we could not go into the festival and then told us we couldn't even go onto the sidewalk outside the festival, or we would be arrested. I was actually given a trespassing warning," said Grisham.

According to court documents, Grisham and his supporter complied, however carried on business across the street. In a video released by Grisham, a Fort Worth officer tells him he needs to stay off the Worth Square for safety reasons, stating there have been issues in the past. Grisham then tried to explain to police that if the event is free and not fenced off, then they can't be restricted.

The confrontation led Grisham to sue on ground of free speech and due process violations. The case ended in a settlement earlier this month. Grisham says his case prompted changes in Fort Worth.

"The city attorney made a reference to some changes they would make in city policy regarding the rental of city property. Where anyone who wants to rents out a public space, would sign an agreement so they understand that law that it's a free and open to the public," said Grisham.

He also adds that Fort Worth has a good police department, they just had some officers that were not well informed.

Grisham says a similar situation happened in Amarillo and plans on talking to the city about it.