Youth Center employee accused of sexual misconduct with juvenile inmate

Youth Center employee accused of sexual misconduct with juvenile inmate

Amarillo, TX -   An area juvenile supervision officer is suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct.

While many details in the case cannot be released as the investigation is ongoing, we do know the officer works at the Youth Center of the High Plains.

And the accuser is still being housed at the center.

An officer is on suspension after a juvenile inmate claimed he or she engaged in sexual misconduct with him or her. Currently, specifics of the type of sexual misconduct are unclear, including the name and gender of the accused.

"A police officer, a guard at a prison, an employee at the youth center, they all have the same rights and protections as anyone else and they're all presumed innocent until proven guilty in the legal system," says Randall County District Attorney James Farren.
   The Randall County Sheriffs Office is investigating the criminal portion of the case.

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Jane King tells us they cannot comment on the case, as the criminal analysis is not complete.

"When we're dealing with the youth, there are additional issues and additional aspects of an investigation that may not come into play in an adult investigation," says Farren.

Data and evidence are currently being collected in the case.

The facility is known to have many cameras inside, however Farren says they are not always reliable.

"Cameras and listening devices and other electronic equipment is helpful, but it's not a guarantee that there's not some nook or cranny somewhere where events could occur that wouldn't necessarily be heard or seen on those devices," says Farren.

When the investigation is complete, it will be brought to Farren and at that time he will review the evidence to determine if there's sufficient evidence to move forward.

"In this particular case, it is likely that the allegation if true, would result in a felony charge," says Farren. "If that's the case, then we can't go to trial on a complaint. We need another piece of paper called an indictment."

Farren tells me the process can take take days or even months, however they are usually able to present pending cases to the Grand Jury within about 30-60 days after law enforcement brings them the case.

Newschannel ten will continue to work to bring you the latest details on the progressing investigation.