Residents dealing with aftermath of storm

Residents dealing with aftermath of storm

Amarillo, TX - Many parts of the panhandle added three more inches to yearly rainfall totals overnight.

"I've lived here 30 years and I've never seen it flood like this," said Doug Thomas, a local landscaper.

Thomas is dealing with a flooded drive way at his home on 77th and Soncy.

"It's rained a lot since I've been here and it's never gotten this high," said Thomas.

His biggest damage is in his landscaping business.

"I've got trailers and stuff, and I use my driveway and it's completely flooded. I can't get in and out. I've got six acres here and maybe a half acre left. It's all under water," said Thomas.

It's a similar situation for his neighbor, Jim.

"My septic tank is under, my garage is under and it's coming under the house. At this point, I don't know what the damage is, but time will tell," said Jim Lamarca.

Most of these residents blame the flooding on the playa lake nearby that continues to get more water from our wet weather.

"I feel like it's draining off what the developers have done. It's more than a lake can handle and it's coming up on us. We're kind of stuck with it if somebody doesn't get this out of here," said Thomas.

While flooding wasn't an issue north of town, those residents had problems of their own.

Winds were gusting between 70 and 90 mph, damaging trees, swing sets and roofs among other possessions.

Tom and Brittany Brannon found their shed about 50 feet from where it belongs.

"There was two washers, a dryer, and then just pictures, a gun cabinet, just a bunch of household stuff, a lot of old memories, pictures and stuff," said Brannon.

Despite the headache of last night's storm, every can agree on one thing.

"It hurts. We lost a lot of memories, but everybody was okay," said Brannon.

If you have any questions of concerns about drainage issues in the area, contact the City's Engineering Department at 378-3000.