UPDATE: Occupants at Knights Inn say they're living in terrible conditions

UPDATE: Occupants at Knights Inn say they're living in terrible conditions

UPDATE: The land and property owner for The Knights Inn, Charles Patel reached out to NewsChannel 10 regarding the motel's fire, safety, and health hazards and provided this statement:

"I, along with the business operators are fully aware of the building issues that need to be repaired. We have been working diligently to get this done and plan to comply with all of the city's requirements. We just have a few challenges and hurdles to get over the hump but are more than confident we will accomplish everything that needs to be done. Nothing is more disappointing than hearing guest have a negative or bad experience at our hotel. They definitely deserve better than that and we will collectively make sure this happens. I have owned this land and property for over 7 years and have put in an enormous amount of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and time away from my family to keep it running and I don't plan to have anything taken away form me or shut it down. That is just not going to happen."


Amarillo, TX - The Knights Inn has several occupants who are staying month to month and a few say they are living in the worse conditions they've ever dealt with.

"I bet if you pulled the carpet up, there are layers of ticks and all kinds of stuff," said Dani Janssen, an occupant living at The Knights Inn.

Janssen turned to the Knights Inn after she lost her home and says she's been miserable since May.

"Stuff started breaking, the stove caught on fire, there is mold in the shower. I've looked at several other rooms, it's the same throughout the building. The carpet is so dirty, and there are fleas and bed bugs," said Janssen.

The city says they've been dealing with multiple issues for the past several months at the Knights Inn. At the end of March, city officials removed the motel's occupancy in on building. Soon after, a second building. The city's decision prevents anyone from going inside.

"We have balconies and stairwells that are degrading and they're not safe walkways," said Building Official for the city, Scott McDonald.

"We found about 6 inches of standing sewage, raw sewage in there. The smell was a little over powering and there was little ventilation," said Shaun May with the city's Environmental Health Department.

In building A, which still allows people to stay, Janssen says she is seeing the same problems. She says she has reached out the managers and property owners, but none of them will help.

"It's wrong for anybody to know what is going on on that property and not help," said Janssen.

NewsChannel 10 emailed the owners, called multiple times, and went to the motel in person. All emails were not returned, we were asked to leave the property, and workers at the motel said they refused to comment.

Janssen says she doesn't want to be put on the street, but she believes something needs to be done about the remaining building.

May says the owners and managers claim they've been working since March to get all the buildings up to code, but that hasn't happened.

McDonald says condemning one of the closed buildings will be on the city council agenda in coming weeks. If the council votes to condemn the building, the owners has 10 days to fix the problems or demolish it. If nothing is done, the city will tear it down at the owner's expense.