Hundreds of calls to APD for firework violations

Hundreds of calls to APD for firework violations

Amarillo, TX - On a night like the 4th of July, some people choose to ignore safety as well as they city's ordinance keeping law enforcement busy all night.

Fireworks shows were seen all across Amarillo Saturday night, as thousands of people celebrated Independence Day. While fireworks could be set off outside city limits, some people in residential areas didn't follow the city's rule.

"Without a doubt, the general public knows that it's a violation, however, they usually ignore it," said Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

Neufeld says Saturday night was a busy one for officers. Not only did they respond to normal everyday calls, but they were sent to dozens of calls that involved people setting off fireworks in the city.

"We handled well over 400 calls on just fireworks," said Neufeld.

While APD dealt with the flooded number of calls from concerned residents, it was a different kind of night for the Potter County Deputies.

"From about 6 o'clock to almost 11 o'clock last night, we only had 12 calls for fireworks," said Potter County Sheriff, Brian Thomas.

Although Potter County has an uneventful night with firework calls, they dealt with multiple people stranded at the Canadian River for hours.

"It was about 1:24 in the morning, four people tried to take a boat off of 385 and sail down through the Canadian River. The boat capsized and the four were in the water for a few hours," said Thomas.

Both departments say they were happy there were no fatalities or homicides on Saturday.