Four people arrested after high-speed chase

Four people arrested after high-speed chase

AMARILLO, TX - 4 people were arrested around 8:25 Friday morning after a high-speed chase.

Police near 34th and Bell overheard shouting between two vehicles, shortly after one of the vehicles, a black sports car, sped off at dangerous speeds followed by a silver sports car.

Police found both vehicles at the 5400 block of Granada and arrested the drivers and passengers.

Louis Samuel was charged for deadly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without a license and traffic warrants.

Demetria Grady was charged for deadly conduct and a traffic warrant.

Douglas Crow was arrested for 2 misdemeanor warrants.

Anreicka Grady for failing to identify and 4 misdemeanor traffic warrants.

All four were booked into Randall County Jail.