Fireworks safety- be safe, have a blast!

Fireworks safety- be safe, have a blast!

Amarillo, TX - The annual Fourth of July Party in the Park, hosted by the Amarillo Globe-News and the City of Amarillo at John Stiff Park, will culminate with a spectacular fireworks demonstration at dusk Saturday.

While is is tempting to light up sparklers and other fireworks bought at roadside stands, remember fireworks can be dangerous, causing serious burn and eye injuries.

Plus, City ordinance prohibits the possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of any firework within the city limits.

Fines for violations are up to $2,000 for each occurrence.

For those living outside city limits, here are some firework safety tips to keep in mind:

-Never let kids play with fireworks. Only adults should handle fireworks.

-Never use fireworks indoors. Never try to make your own fireworks.

-Buy only legal fireworks. Legal fireworks have a label with manufacturer's name and directions.

-Don't pick up or relight dud fireworks. Remember to soak all discarded fireworks before throwing them in the trash can.

-Pets are easily frightened or stressed near fireworks. Keep pets indoors to reduce the risk of injury or running loose.

If a child is injured by fireworks, immediately go to a doctor or the emergency room. I fan eye injury occurs, do not try to flush it or rub it out. Cut out the bottom of a paper cup, place it around the eye and get to the emergency room immediately.

The Amarillo Police Department and the Amarillo Fire Marshal's Office still offers the Fireworks Amnesty Program for persons that would like to voluntarily have their fireworks safely disposed. Residents may call (806) 378-9092 and provide a name, telephone number and address.

An officer will contact the caller to schedule a pick up.

The Amarillo Police Department and Fire Marshal's Office will have strict enforcement on any violation found within the city limits.

The Police Department will have extra officers on duty through directed patrol as well as the additional officers on hand at the public display at John Stiff Park. Last year, the APD issued 22 citations for fireworks violations- 10 for Possession and 12 for Discharging.

Source: City of Amarillo