City leaders asked to resign

City leaders asked to resign

Amarillo, TX - Two members of the Amarillo City Council have asked for the resignation of City Manager Jarrett Atkinson and all five members of the Amarillo Economic Development Board.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at the city council meeting where newly elected Mark Nair was sworn in as council member Place 4.

During the public comment portion of the meeting Randy Burkett and Mark Nair requested the resignations.

Burkett also tells NewsChannel 10 the resignation of Deputy City Manager Vicki Covey was asked for and received as well.

Here is an excerpt from a written statement Burkett released to NewsChannel 10:  "With Jarrett his track record spoke for itself. The water debacle was the final straw. We felt he was not competent to run the departments under his control. We want to now find the best city manager out there, hire him and get city hall in order. As for the resignation of all five board members at AEDC I also requested, their track record speaks for itself as well. They approved too many questionable deals including Coca Cola and commerce transactions. We also ask[ed] for and did receive Vicki Covey's resignation as well. She was never held accountable for her role in the Animal Control mess."

Nair added, "I was elected to make changes for our city and real change starts at the top."

This was the first meeting to include all three new city council members following the recent runoff election.

We will continue to follow this breaking story and have more information on what this may mean for the Downtown Revitalization Project.