Local man fights for his life after police say his girlfriend shot him in the head

Local man fights for his life after police say his girlfriend shot him in the head
Kricynthia Lashawn Black
Kricynthia Lashawn Black

Amarillo, TX -  On Saturday around 4:30 a.m. Amarillo Police arrived to the 400 Block of Tennessee on a report of an assault with a weapon.

When officer arrived, they learned a 34-year-old man had been shot in the head. Police say this girlfriend, 30-year-old Kricynthia Black was arrested for the alleged crime.

Although the incident happened over the weekend, many of the neighbors say they just found out about it on Tuesday and the reaction to Black's actions are mixed.

"This is just a totally different and an unfortunate situation,"said neighbor, Brandy Bogue.

Bouge says the shooting involving Black came as a surprise.

"I can't see her doing that. I'm shocked, I'm really shocked about it," said Bogue.

When officers arrived, they found Black on the porch along with 6 children. Police say they went inside the bedroom of the home and found the 34-year-old victim. He was able to talk to officers about what happened, but his condition worsened after he arrived at the hospital.

Black was booked into the Potter County Detention Center for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Authorities says the 6 children they found black with, ranging from ages 3 to 12, were released to CPS.

Bogue says she believes black was a good mom.

"I've seen her shopping with them at the Dollar Tree. She let her kids spend the night with my kids," said Bogue.

But not all the neighbors feel the same about Black's parenting. One neighbor says the children would always be outside running the streets.

"I didn't even think they had a mom because you hardly saw her out here. I saw the father figure everyday," said one concerned neighbor.

While the victim continues to fight for his life, both neighbors hope for a fast recovery while also wondering what will happen to the children.

"They were good kids, just like any other kids," said Bogue.

CPS wasn't able to release any information on what will happen to the children. Police say the agency will most likely find another family member to care for them.