Car hits UPS truck and car, then slams into house

Car hits UPS truck and car, then slams into house

Amarillo, TX - An Amarillo man is behind bars accused of leading troopers on a chase.

Troopers tell us what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop turned out to be much more than that. Around noon, police were called to the scene of a car that crashed into a home near 45th and Cornell

Uprooted trees, car parts spread across the road and a vehicle lodged in someone's home is the scene after a chase this morning. Troopers tell us they attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation, however the subject refused to stop.

He was later identified as Michael Ojeda of Amarillo.

They were led on a brief chase, with Ojeda hitting multiple objects along the way---including a UPS truck.

"Nobody was hurt in the house, we were fortunate in that. He did strike another vehicle, came to this area...hit a parked car and then collided with the house," says DPS Trooper Chris Ray.

"I heard a wham...and then another wham and then I heard stuff dragging on the street I guess and then I heard a big wham as the car hit the house," says witness Charles Caudle. "And I thought what in the world is that?"

Troopers say Ojeda got out of the car and immediately surrendered after the crash. He did have an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance.

"He was fleeing at a high rate of speed and from the looks of things, he never applied the brakes anywhere at any time. Just kept hitting things and bouncing off of them," says Caudle.

In addition to the UPS truck, a parked vehicle and the house, Ojeda also took out one of Caudle's prized possessions...the pear tree in his front yard.

While some might be upset with a loss of that sort, Caudle thinks otherwise.

"Aw, I'm okay with it. Things happen. I'm not mad at the poor guy. He's already got enough trouble. I understand he was a fugitive and he's got problems enough. I don't need him to worry about my tree."

On top of the warrant charges, today Ojeda is charged with evading arrest with a vehicle and criminal mischief.

Troopers tell us thankfully no one was injured in today's incident.