Natural gas explosion in White Deer

Natural gas explosion in White Deer

White Deer, TX - Four people are injured and city of white deer residents are still without natural gas after an explosion last night.

We spoke with officials at West Texas Gas just minutes ago and they say the city is still without gas...making it nearly 20 hours they've had to go without the precious resource.

Viewer Amanda Taylor sent us a photo just moments after the explosion around nine last night. A gas line from West Texas gas exploded after a problem with the gas booster station on Main Street and 8th.

Four individuals were injured in the explosion and were flown to hospitals in Amarillo and Lubbock. Mayor Kent Kelp says despite the circumstances, he is pleased with the way the situation was handled.

"Everybody there were just, they were here it seemed like instantly. I know it was a little bit longer than that, but everybody just worked together like it's supposed to be. I mean, like it's trained for...that end of it went real good," says Kelp.

Immediately after the explosion, the gas source for residential and business buildings was shut off. Mayor kelp says it has been a difficult day, as several businesses and families depend on the gas.

All the residents haven't been able to have hot water for their baths and fixing or cooking because they've been out of gas since last night a little after 9. That's when it was cut off, so they're anxious to get it back on as you can well expect.

Manager of gas marketing for West Texas Gas JJ King tells us they aren't able to release any specifics as the explosion is still under investigation.

Mayor kelp says the process typically does not take more than a few hours, however the size of the explosion has never been this large.

"Usually several hours," says Kelp. "By the time we go through the safety procedures that needs to go through and get the lines repurged and shut off all the meters then turn them back on and help the residents re-light their pilot lights...safely."

Kelp says he is grateful for the teamwork from area emergency responders from from White Deer, Panhandle, Skellytown, Groom and Pampa.

There is a go-fund me account set up to help two of the burn victims, who are brothers.

You can donate here: GO FUND ME