Residents report large cat sightings north of Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Potter County Sheriff's deputies say residents have spotted a large cat near homes north of Amarillo.

Thursday morning a call was made to the Potter County Sheriff's Department saying what looked like a tiger was roaming around the area. It's the second call deputies have recently received. While they still can not fully confirm if it's a bobcat or mountain lion it's not the first time this large cat has be spotted.  

"One of our deputies actually saw a mountain lion two weeks ago out by Valley De Oro out on 1061. He's adamant it was a mountain lion and not a bobcat," Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas said.

With small animals and livestock usually prey for big cats like bobcats and mountain lions, local resident Billinda Jaggers says she bought a donkey to help defend her four horses

"He will run them out of this pasture, he tries to stomp them and bite them," she said about the donkey.

Not only is concerned about her horses, she also worried about the safety of her two year old grandson.

"That kinda scares me, him walking around by himself out here," she said.

While deputies are on the look out for the big cat they are asking residents to call 911 if they see it and to stay away because looks can be deceiving.

"They may be very cute but you have to remember they are still a wild animal and that animal does not understand humans," Thomas said.

Reports of the large cat have come from Valle De Oro and the and the Tierra Grande community north of Amarillo.