Samsung's 'Safety Truck' allows drivers to see ahead, around Semis

Samsung's 'Safety Truck' allows drivers to see ahead, around Semis

Tech-mogul Samsung may soon be easing the stress of a familiar situation for drivers: Being caught behind a large semi-truck on a single-lane highway.

The truck is moving too slow to continue to driving behind it, and is too large to see other traffic around it. The result is often an unnerving game of indecision for all drivers.

Officials with Samsung believe the solution lies within its recently-tested prototype: the Safety Truck.

The modified 18-wheeler comes equipped with a wireless camera attached to the front end, and four large monitors on the back showing what lies on the other side of those large trailers.

The idea, simply, is to let the driver make a safe assessment of other drivers being attempting to pass on the highway, according to a SamsungTomorrow blog post.

Samsung says it tested the truck in South America with positive results. There is no scheduled date for the truck to begin driving on American highways, but the company says it is working with multiple foreign governments to obtain proper permits.