Takata airbag recall impacting local car dealers

Takata airbag recall impacting local car dealers

Amarillo, TX -  Local car dealers are seeing the effects of a nation-wide recall.

Almost 1 in 7 vehicles on the road needs a new air bag inflator after Takata's historic recall.

And the list of vehicles continues to grow.

It's a necessary precaution  for many drivers. But after a mass recall by the Japanese company Takata, millions of motorists are still driving with faulty airbags.

They've just added more than 243,000 cars to the extensive list, bringing the total north of 34 million cars being recalled.

And local dealers are seeing the effects.

"What they're replacing is, they're saying airbags, but what they're actually replacing it's what they call the inflator, which makes the airbag activate," says Reagor Dykes Service Manager Rick Wyatt.

"Depending on the airbags and where the sensors are located will determine what type of inertia it takes to deploy that bag," says Joe Krizan with Moss Body Shop. "So you don't want them all the time, but if you need them, you definitely need them there."

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration plans to work with automakers to organize and prioritize vehicles that need to be repaired.

Priority will be given to car owners in warm states where humidity is believed to be a factor.

Wyatt tells us the cars they've seen here have not taken long to repair.

"About an hour," says Wyatt. "It's pretty painless as far as doing it. I mean, we do have to ship the parts we take off we are shipping them back to Takata and we haven't had any issues like that or anything like that."

To see if your vehicle is on the list, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety administration website here: https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/

You will need your vehicle vin number and will be prompted from there.

Krizan says although it seems like a headache, drivers should take the time to research.

"They're brutal, but they're better than the alternative. I don't want to hit a steering wheel. I don't want to hit the windshield, so I definitely would want them in my vehicle," says Krizan.

After this announcement, Takata's defective airbag has become the biggest auto recall, ever.