County asks for donation help from residents

Clarendon, TX - Residents in Donley County say their roads are a mess, making it hard to get around.

County Judge, Dr. John Howard says there are about 370 miles of roads in the county that are in such bad shape, they need to be fixed immediately. Each county commissioner is responsible for keeping an eye on the roads in their precinct.

"Roads in the country are always a source of contention and they could always be better when they're not paved," said Howard.

The only thing getting in the county's way of improving their roads is their $2 million budget for the year. Howard says it is not enough to cover road repairs on top of their other expenses.

"We're a county with limited population, a limited property tax base and limited financial resources. We are probably similar to some of the other counties around here, like Collingsworth and Hall. So, we can't just go out and spend a lot of money to pave these roads. We do the best we can," said Howard.

Now the county has turned to its local landowners for donations of road materials, like rock, gravel, and caliche.

"We've had some landowners say that they would be glad to make materials available to us. I think as the word gets out, it just makes sense," said Howard.

Howard adds that the people in Donley understand that living out in the country on unpaved roads involves time when weather is going to impact it.

"I'm sure they're appreciative of our efforts to do the best we can to keep those roads passable," said Howard.

Donations can only go so far for this small county. Despite this, Howard says county officials are getting to work on the problem.

"We had dirt roads to begin with, that's part of life in the country. We'll do the best we can on our own," said Howard.

Howard says it could take years before all of their county roads are restored, but they have started fixing some of the area rural roads.