Amarillo police seek suspects in sexual assault case

Amarillo police seek suspects in sexual assault case

From the Amarillo Police Department:

On 6-17-15, an adult female contacted the APD about a sexual assault. She told officers that on 6-6-15, she awoke in Ellwood Park, partially clothed. She believed that she woke up due to the sound of a vehicle accelerating and driving away. She believed that she had been sexually assaulted.

On 6-17-15, she was examined by a medical provider then contacted the police. A sexual assault examination authorized. Based on their interview with the victim, investigators estimate that that time of the incident was between 2:00 AM and 4:00AM on the 6th, at an unknown location in Ellwood Park. That date was a Friday night into Saturday morning, two weeks ago.

The victim recalled that prior to waking up in the park; she had been talking to possibly three to four men, first inside and then out on the parking lot of a bar in the area. When she spoke to them outside the bar, they were in an unknown color Dodge pickup. The investigator believes that the woman may have left in the pickup with the men, but circumstances of how she got into the pickup are undetermined. The men were possibly Hispanic.

If you have any information about this case, contact the Amarillo Police Department or Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.