Highway 54 potholes a work in progress

Amarillo, TX - Drivers on Highway 54 are leaving the road with more than they bargained for.

Potholes around the panhandle are not unheard of, but the craters in this area are far worse than many of those around. This is what Charlotte Moczygemba's spare tire that was underneath her car looks like after driving through a pothole on Highway 54.

The area has been the home of multiple incidents for drivers. And some say even avoiding the potholes is becoming a road hazard.

"There was no way to avoid it," says Moczygemba. "There was a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and already 2 vehicles on the shoulder that were disabled because of the potholes and stuff."

TxDOT spokesperson Paul Braun says they are well aware of the issue, and they have made the area their priority.

"We've been working on this area for some time," says Braun. "We started noticing the the break-ups last year and the winter months and now especially in the spring with the wet weather that we've had, it has really made the problem even worse."

Braun tells us cooperation from the weather is what they need, as the hot mix they pour in the potholes needs the heat to set. But Moczygemba worries the longer the department takes, the more injuries and incidents will arise.

"I feel horrible because I know my Dad travels cross-country on a motorcycle and if he was hurt on that road just to visit us, I'd feel...just words couldn't describe."

According to Braun, workers are doing their best with what they have considering the moisture and traffic. For the rest of the summer, a seal coat and another overlay is in the works.

"It seems like a never-ending process, but we hope that this plan that we have for the remainder of the summer is going to alleviate or at least take care of that in the short term," says Braun.

Moczygemba says she does, "not want the area to leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who travel the area."

"There needs to be something done and I don't want our money to get wasted."

Braun tells us for the time being, drivers should slow down when driving in the areas.