Newly constructed homes targets for thieves

Newly constructed homes targets for thieves

Amarillo, TX - One local contractor is out thousands of dollars after his newly constructed home has been the target for theft twice in one week.

It's become a growing problem for newly constructed homes, from the beginning process with framing and boards, to the completion process.

And those who contractors said are burglarizing them might surprise you.

Amarillo's housing market is expanding pretty quickly, and for some, that means one thing, easy access to brand new appliances and supplies. It happened recently to Jess Yap, President of Turn Key Construction.

"We found a lot of items missing in the house," Yap said. "They crawled through a window and stole a bunch of stuff like the sink and messed up our microwave and just did a bunch of damage to the house and stole some light fixtures and stuff."

A fairly common problem among contractors in Amarillo, but with this particular instance, the thieves knew exactly what they were doing and came back.

"So we get everything all fixed up and getting ready to clean the house and come back on Wednesday morning and they came through here and they actually kicked our back door in stole the HVC unit out of the attic and stole another light that we had put back up," Yap said.

He thinks and has heard other construction site workers are the ones targeting these homes, taking items and reselling them. He said within the past couple years the problem has increased, forcing contractors to start installing alarms in all homes, which yap said he will begin doing from now on.

"So if they do decide to come back in, we'll catch them this time," Yap said.

If you have any information on this particular crime, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400. An anonymous tip leading to an arrest could earn you a reward of up to $1,000.