Tropical Storm "Bill" makes landfall

Tropical Storm "Bill" makes landfall

HOUSTON, TX. - Residents in the southern and eastern parts of Texas are bracing for another round of severe weather.

The National Weather Service has issued a tropical storm warning, and say heavy rainfall is likely to flood in those areas.

Tropical storm "Bill" touched down in the Gulf of Mexico this morning, prompting Houston city officials to upgrade the city's emergency operations center to level two.

The Mayor of Houston says, "We haven't had the intense rain up to this point. Most of the bayous and our various bodies of water are within their banks. They can accommodate some rain, and we have the ability to pre-position high water vehicles and barricades so that we can quickly move into areas that, as we see localized flood conditions."

Authorities in Galveston County have issued a voluntary evacuation.

Forecasters say, tropical storm "Bill" will weaken once it comes ashore, but it's bringing high winds topping 50 miles per hour.

As much as eight inches of rainfall is expected to hit Eastern Texas, parts of Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.