Purged voter roll in Curry County

Purged voter roll in Curry County

Clovis, NM - Over 3,000 residents in Curry County are no longer registered to vote, and they might not even know it.

The county is calling it a purge. A purge is when voters, who haven't voted in two general elections, are taken off a county's voter roll. It's actually done in every state to comply with state voting laws, but apparently that hasn't been done in New Mexico for some time.

Rosalie Riley has been working for the Curry County clerks office for the past three years but when she found out she needed to do a purge on the county, she was shocked over the county had not done one since 2010.

"The Secretary of State prior to Diana Duran, never purged anything. So, our flies have gotten really large," said Riley.

3,324 voters have been taken off the county's voter roll if they had not voted since before 2012. So far, only 8 of those people have re-registered to vote.

Despite this big gap, Riley says she mailed out letters, placed adds in local papers, and made announcements online and on the radio to get the word out about this sudden voting update.

"We try hard to make sure we contact everybody we think is going to be purged, so that they don't feel surprised. My largest concern would be, when they go to vote in out general election coming up and we tell them they are not registered to vote," said Riley.

Riley says Curry County normally has a small voting turn out of 3%, but by informing these dormant voters she's hoping for a change.

"As a citizen, as a county clerk, I want to do everything I can to make sure that all these people that are in this book have an opportunity to come back in a re-register before the general election. That's my goal," said Riley.

If you have questions about your voting registration in the Clovis area, call the Curry County clerks office at 575-763-5591.