Dallas shooter's ties to Borger

Dallas shooter's ties to Borger

Amarillo, TX - After a man accused of attacking Dallas police headquarters over the weekend was said to be from Borger, many residents and even police said they have no idea who the man is.

After speaking with several officials and residents in Borger, it's clear James Boulware has flown under the radar. However, there was one incident in town officials said could've prevented the Dallas incident from happening.

He has an unfamiliar face to many in Borger, but is now known to almost all of America. Reports show Boulware had grievances against Dallas police, causing him to shoot several rounds at police headquarters and placing 4 bags of pipe bombs around the building. Boulware lost his life after being shot by officials.

It is then Dallas police notified Borger officials when they learned where the suspect had been staying within the past week.

"They responded per the request of Dallas," Don Johnson, Hutchinson Country Sheriff, said. "To go  out and check out the residence. What we did, we got out there, we evacuated the houses that were around to make sure in case there was any bombs left out there at that scene. The FBI came in, Amarillo bomb squad came in with their bomb sniffing dog and cleared the residence."

Nothing was found, and officials said they are unsure of why Boulware was staying in Borger, but speculate he could've assembled the bombs there.

There is hardly any evidence of Boulware's stay, except one police report dating back to 2014.

"This guy living here, we never knew him," Johnson said. "Didn't have any clue of him. We stopped him one time in august of '14 for a minor traffic violation...issued him a warning. That's the only record we have of the gentleman."

However, the sheriff said this one traffic stop could've prevented Boulware from ever going to Dallas. Back in 2013, Dallas police issued a "Be On the Lookout" warning of Boulware after reports of domestic violence.

"As far as us ever getting any of the information, we didn't get any of that information," Johnson said.

He adds if they had, things might have been different.

"We'd have been looking at him. It would have been nice to know what we were up against but luckily nothing happened."

We did go to the home in Borger where Boulware was staying however his former roommates declined an interview.