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Lake water coming to Amarillo faucets

Water from Lake Meredith could soon be making it's way into our homes. By the end of this upcoming week or early next week, Tim Loan, Assistant Director of Utilities in Amarillo, says the lake water will be reaching Amarillo. 

The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority began pumping the lake after it reached about 50 feet. While the concept of pumping has created some controversy, Amarillo City Officials say it's actually a good thing. By pumping from Lake Meredith it keeps water in the Ogallala Aquifer which extremely hard to replenish.     

With the water that's making it's way to Amarillo, Loan says there is no need to worry about taste, odor or color impacts from the lake. Before the water make's it way into our sinks it must be treated first.  

When all is said and done about 10 1/2 inches will be pumped out of the lake and sent to 11 surrounding communities.

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