Amarillo residents don't have to worry about water bill late fees

Amarillo residents don't have to worry about water bill late fees

Amarillo, TX - As the City of Amarillo continues to work through their recent water bill error, they want to let residents know not to worry about any late fees.  

Since this was the city's mistake and they are dealing with thousands of water bill refunds, the city says they will not be assessing any late fees or discontinuing service while they try to correct the issue. 

"We will continue to make arrangements with our customers on any late or past due accounts, with no penalty," said assistant city manager, Michelle Bonner.

The City of Amarillo continues to receive a high volume of calls from citizens. Customer service representatives are assisting customers as quickly as possible with the help of additional staff from other city departments.

Bonner adds that if you are contacting the City for the first time regarding your water account, please leave a voicemail with your name and phone number at (806) 378-4272 or email the City at

Thousands of residents in three water districts found out last week that the city estimated their May water bill based on what they used last May. The city also says they under-estimated for April's bill and had to charge more for the month of May.

One of the main reasons for the estimated bill is because the city is short staffed in meter readers. In late March, 8 of the city's 10 meter reader were fired. The city says they continue to interview and train new meter readers to be fully staffed.