Hero service dog protects owner from bus

Hero service dog protects owner from bus

A New York service dog is being deemed a hero after throwing himself in front of an oncoming mini bus to protect his legally blind owner.

The golden retriever, Figo, and his owner, 62-year-old Audrey Stone, were struck and injured crossing Main Street and Brewster Monday.

"I thank him." Stone said. "I thank God that I have him and that he survived too."

Brewster Police Chief, John Del Gardo, said amazingly the dog didn't yelp in pain, but calmly struggled to stay with his owner. "You really can't touch an injured dog guarding someone." Gardo said. "Touch 'em; they're aggressive/ Not this dog."

The dog didn't stop struggling until paramedics took Stone away in the ambulance. Figo was taken to a vet who said the dog's behavior was remarkable, especially for a service animal. 

Figo is the third service dog Stone has had, saying she's been fond of them all. But this one is providing extra incentive for Stone to get back up from her hospital bed. 

"I want to get home to my dog," Stone said. 

The bus driver was given summons for not yielding to a pedestrian.