Family of child who died at the Canadian River looks to Amarillo community

Family of child who died at the Canadian River looks to Amarillo community

Amarillo, TX - The family of an Amarillo child who lost his life is looking to the community for support.

Last month, Justin and Sandy O'Gorman had their lives turned upside down. Today, they look to the community to help celebrate their son's life.

On May 24th, 3-year-old Daylen lost his life in a tragic accident at the Canadian River.

"What happened was tragic," says his mother Sandi O'Gorman. "It's every parent's worst nightmare. It's not anything anybody should ever have to deal with."

Sandi describes him as a playful, loving, and friendly boy. She says Daylen had to wear his cowboy boots and cowboy hat everywhere he went.

Today, the family is holding a fundraiser to honor Daylen and to help with the many expenses that have come their way.

"This is going to go towards his funeral expenses and getting him a head stone that he deserves to be honored, so that he's not just another forgotten grave," says O'Gorman.

The same river that took Daylen's life has been an ongoing issue for local law enforcement. Potter County Sheriff's Department Captain John Coffee says they did reach out to the community warning them of the dangers, and it seems to have made a difference.

"We hadn't got any calls this past weekend that I'm aware of and I certainly want to thank the viewers for staying aware, at least being cautious and careful down there 'cause we didn't get any calls for a service down there that I'm aware of," says Coffee.

Sandi says despite the circumstances, she does not want Daylen to be remembered as the "little boy that was lost in the river."  

"Celebrate Daylen's life and celebrate your own children's life," says Sandi. "When they ask you to come play, come play with them. Put your phone down, turn the TV off. Tell your friends you can hang out another night. Go be a Mom and go be a Dad and cherish every single moment you get with them, 'cause when you're robbed of it, you're robbed of your life."

Sandi says she hopes today's event is a series of what will be a lifetime of honoring little Daylen...who brought joy to so many.

The event is taking place Tuesday tonight until 10 at the Chili's on Coulter.

If you are not able to make it, the family does have an account at Wells Fargo under Justin O'Gorman.