Lecture on transgender equality issues

Lecture on transgender equality issues
Amarillo, Tx - Some local transgenders say it is still difficult for them to feel comfortable in our society, but a small group of counselors is hoping to make it easier not for only transgenders but for everyone.
"The lecture is going to concern transgender counseling," said Arlette Back with The High Plains Counseling Association. 

HPCA decided to have this lecture in our community to educate people on struggles transgenders go through every day.

"I believe that gender and sexual orientation is at the forefront of social justice in our society and we need to know more about these issues. We have a lot of youth here that are going through these problems and we need to be educated," said Back.

One topic of conversation at the lecture will be a series of bills that may affect transgender Texans. Some of the bills concern gender designated restrooms.

One bill talks about using the restroom in public places based on what your driver's license says. Another says you must us the bathroom in schools based on your biological sex. Many transgenders in our area say these bills are a form of discrimination.

"It's misguided. They are fearing something of the unknown. They're trying to limit people to a set standard that's really not even a standard," said transgender, Sandra Dunn.

Dunn also says these bills make it harder especially for our youth who are trying to be who they really are.

"We want to make sure that trans children transition and that it's not what people call a phase," said Dunn.

Reports show that 46% of trans men attempt suicide and 42% among trans women. These are significantly higher than the national average, 0.0046% for females and 0.021% for males.

Doctor Robyn Brammer, who also is transgender will be the speaker at the lecture.

"She was a counseling professor at WT. We're just thrilled to have her here, she knows a lot about the issue," said Back.

The lecture will be held Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 at the Amarillo College West Campus Lecture Hall. Admission is $40 at the door.