More Texans sign up to be organ donors, topping the state at 7 Million

More Texans sign up to be organ donors, topping the state at 7 Million

Amarillo, TX - The waiting list for organ transplants is still long, but the number of potential organ donors in Texas is keeping pace.

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently announced 1.4 million Texans have registered to become organ donors last year...topping the state at $7 million registrants.

The DPS says the driver's license system has played a critical role in the registry process.

According to LifeGift, A local organ and tissue recovery agency, there are currently over 13,600 Texans on the waiting list for an organ.

One of them use to be Harley Green. His family found out he needed a liver transplant when he was 4 months old.

"He was very jaundice, he was very yellow and he had a very swollen belly. He was retaining water and his liver was basically giving shutting down," said Harley's mother, Jennifer Green.

But after waiting for several months, a liver became available and the Green family was thankful. 

LifeGift says making the decision to be an organ donor can be hard, and it helps to include your family in the decision making.

"Let your family know that this is your wish and this is what you want to do. So many people register and don't really think about what they're doing, but make sure you understand why your signing up because it's hard on families if they don't know," said Donation Clinical Specialist for LifeGift, Autumn Tunstall.

Tunstall says 977 lives were saved last year across LifeGift's region, which covered Houston, Lubbock, Fort Worth, and Amarillo.

Everyone has the potential to save another's life. If you want register to be a Texas organ donor, head to to sign up.