More people switching to E-cigarettes to help quit smoking in 2015

More people switching to E-cigarettes to help quit smoking in 2015

Amarillo, TX - For many the New Year brings a resolution to live a healthier life by quitting smoking.

Now one week in to 2015 some are turning to a popular alternative to help kick the habit. 

According to The Centers for Disease and Control, more than 70% of current smokers want to quit. Many of them are turning to e-cigarettes instead of lighting up.

"That's what we are basically all about, is to help people quit smoking," said local vape shop owner Russell Anglen.

Anglen says he is using his own personal experience as a goal to help others ditch the addiction of cigarettes for this new year.

"I smoked for 16 years, two packs day. Then I discovered this, it took me 9 days to actually quit and then after that, I dropped it like a bag of dirt," said Anglen.

Several other vape shops in Amarillo have seen an increase of current smokers come into their shops buying e-cigarettes...saying they want to be healthier.

"So, you only have 5 chemicals in an e-liquid compared to 7,000 chemicals in a cigarette. So, it's a lot more healthier than picking up a pack of cigarettes and smoking for sure," said Anglen.

Tyler Williams was looking at E-cigarettes today wanting to get rid of his chewing tobacco habit in 2015.

"I usually dip a can a day. My alternative is trying vaping. It's way safer, I can save my teeth probably. I just all around a better deal," said Williams.

Although it might be healthier for some, other consider it trading one habit for another. Most of these vapor devices still contain nicotine.

Researchers say smokers who use them may be more likely to reduce their smoking or quit all together, but more studies are needed to see how e-cigarettes compare to other proven ways to quit smoking.

However, Angeln is hoping smokers will consider vaping as an alternative.

"To all the smokers out there, you all come and see us because we sure would like to help you get off that tobacco," said Angeln. 

Williams says in the past he hasn't always followed through with his New Year's resolutions...but this time he says he will.

"I'm for sure going through with it this time. I'm not letting that happen again," said Williams.

Researchers have found that using a nicotine patch and anti-smoking medication may be the best way for smokers to lose the habit.