A warning to parents about a new trend called, "Dirty Sprite"

A warning to parents about a new trend called, "Dirty Sprite"

Amarillo, TX - A growing trend called, "dirty sprite" has been gaining a lot of attention with teens.

The concept has been around for at least a decade, where teens were adding cough syrup with codeine to soda but recently teens started adding prescription medications.

The ingredients to make the drug cocktail called, "dirty sprite" are candy, soda and prescription medications.These drug cocktails are also known as "lean," "sizzurp," or "purple drank."

"All of the different names being used are for various mixtures and the teens are basically picking what they'd like to put in the drink. So that's where the dangers come in because, teens tend to think because they are prescription medications, they are safe so they think it's OK." says Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo, Director at Poison Control.

Poison Control reports many teens come up with these new drug doses to mask what they are really feeling and or going through and some just want to get a high. But Dr. Jaramillo says the teens do not realize the side effects that can be scary. "Causing anything from hallucinations and psychotic behavior up to respiratory depression to death." says Dr. Jaramillo.

Parents should be aware what their children have in their bedroom and make sure to always get rid of or lock away unused medications. The project director for Impact Futures says it's never too early to talk to your children about drugs."The best thing to do is prevent so start talking to them right now," says LaViza Matthews.

"We need them to clean out their medicine cabinets, don't keep even cough syrups over the counter, they can be abused so keep those medicines cleaned out," says Dr. Jaramillo."Anything that's going to keep you from being the best that you can be, then that negative influence is what you need to stay away from or that you need to stay above," says Matthews.

Both Randall and Potter county sheriff offices have a medicine drop box where you can drop off any unused or old medications at anytime with no questions asked.