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Vision problems affecting school performance

Amarillo, TX - Many children are suffering with undetected vision problems and now experts say they could be misdiagnosed with a learning disability.

A recent report says one in four children in kindergarten through sixth grade have an undetected vision problem.

Problems with school performance can be traced back to the eyes, but it can go beyond just the need for glasses.

Many kids are color vision deficient or color blind.   

An Amarillo eye doctor, Jack Thomas, with Advanced Eye Care says so much of learning happens visually, so it is important parents get their child's eyes checked out.

"90 percent of their learning comes in visually and if they have something that is holding them back, the quality of vision or their color perception, or the way the brain is interrupting this information, you are setting them at a disadvantage from start. They have to either overcome that or compensate for that" said Thomas.

Many kids may not even realize they have a vision problem.

"They don't understand it is a problem, it is just what is normal to them so a lot of things they just assume it is the way it is supposed to be" said Thomas.

However, there are many signs that parent can look for if they are suspicious their child has vision problems.

"If they complain of blurred vision, if they are getting headaches, and an overall avoidance of activities, those are all red flags" said Thomas.

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