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Chase Bank latest to be hit by cyber attack

If you have a JP Morgan Chase bank account, you may want to double check your savings. An international cyber attack may effect people in the panhandle.

In Amarillo, there are at least four Chase Banks or ATM's. FBI officials say national Chase locations, and the accounts in them, may have been compromised.

The JP Morgan Chase company is the latest to be the target of a massive data breach. Officials say data including checking and savings account information has been taken and is likely the handiwork of a Russian cyber gang.

They believe the group is using a phishing attack, a common technique where an email is sent with a link infected with a virus that allows them to access your personal information.

JP Morgan says so far it is has not seen any suspicious fraud activity but will continue to monitor customers' accounts.

If you happen to notice something strange with your account, you are asked to contact your local bank right away.
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