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Canyon residents to decide on alcohol sales in November

Canyon, TX - The sale and purchase of alcohol in The City of Canyon has officially made the November 4th ballot.

This will be the first time anything has been on the ballot for the sale of alcohol in the city since the 70's and the city is divided on the subject.

"This is important, I mean this is a really really important vote, maybe one of the most important votes that will ever occur in Canyon, Texas" said City Manager, Randy Criswell.

Canyon city commissioners recently ordered a local option election for two items concerning alcohol.

The city received two petitions from "The Ca$h for Canyon Committee" back in June.

One for "The legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants" and another for "The legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption".

Canyon's city manager says it's important residents are educated about what they'll vote for come November. 

"Neither of these legalize bars, basically this just applies to restaurants and retail establishment that would sell beer and wine, not liquor. The only liquor that could be sold would be in a restaurant, with a meal on the premises," said Criswell.

However, Canyon resident LaDonna Clark, is not happy about this making the November ballot. 

"I will vote against it. It is a temptation young people don't need and if it is not here they won't have the opportunity," said Clark.

However, Sheila Harris says it will help improve the city's economy. 

"It is everywhere so we might as well get in on the revenue and maybe save some drinking and driving accidents."

Criswell says many people have attempted to get this on the ballot in the past, but were unsuccessful.

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