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Some parents opting out of vaccines for their children

More Texas parents are opting out of vaccines for their children according to a study recently released.

A local pediatrician says while parts of Texas may be seeing an increase in children who are not vaccinated our area has not noticed an increase.

"So far we have been bucking the trend and I really hope we stay that way cause our children are safe," said Dr. Mariada George.

Doctors say more parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children because they think it is harmful, but this can be very dangerous. 

"You know, you can die with meningitis in 24 hours, you can lose limbs with meningitis, you could lose all 4 limbs with meningitis, you could have a decrease in your mental capacity. There are worse things than death and why would you expose your child to that" said George.

"So we rely on heard immunity, which is the people around you that are vaccinated, so if that barrier is not there, your child is more likely to get that disease," said George.

We went to Facebook to see what our viewers thought about the topic and the opinions varied.

Josey says "It should be a parents choice ... when you inject children with this poison it attacks their underdeveloped immune system ... in turn it can lead to serious illnesses the vaccines are supposed to prevent".

Lynda says "Easy, if a child attends public school vaccines must be required, if a parent doesn't agree let them enroll their kids in private or be home schooled".

Texas requires students get the proper vaccinations before attending public school.

Dr. George says it is important to get them at the right times, rather than spreading out vaccinations.

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