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Teen faces prison time for Facebook post

Teen faces prison time for Facebook post

New Braunfels, TX - Justin Carter is fighting to stay out of prison after posting that he was going to shoot up a kindergarten.

Now his lawyers are arguing that the statement was protected free speech and should never have led to his arrest.

The 19 year old has been in jail since February after a woman in Canada failed to see the humor and sarcasm behind a graphic Facebook post he made regarding the online video game "League of Legends"

An Austin, Texas, police spokesperson says the department takes any threat made against schools seriously, especially after recent events.

Carter's parents have since launched an online petition seeking signatures to protest their son's situation on the grounds of freedom of speech.

A judge will have to decide whether the state's evidence should be thrown out or whether the case should proceed to trial.

Carter is facing up to eight years in prison.
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