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New agriculture building ready for Canyon High students

Canyon, TX - Canyon High School's agriculture program is thriving and as a result students will have a new space this coming Monday.

Three years ago the agriculture program had around 75 students, since then it has added over 300 students.
Agriculture science teacher, Jeff Klose, at Canyon High says the new building is necessary. "We are talking about one of the most agriculture regions in the nation. And so for us to be able to get those students ready to go into those types of jobs ... It really helps us build and support those agriculture base in the panhandle to continue the work we do in an agriculture standpoint,"said Klose.

The 16000 square foot building has been in the works since February. The new space will allow more room for students and help the program keep expanding. "It is really going to give our students the chance to spread out and build some bigger projects and be really safe when they do that. It will five all of us teachers a way to really impact how they go out into the community after they graduate ... whether it be going to college or going straight into the world of work ... it is really going to build that for our students and for the teachers as well," said Klose.

The 1.5 million dollar building will be about 4 times larger than the classroom they were in last year. "The building we were in had one classroom and the shop was about a third of the size of this current shop, so we have added two classrooms, we have added a much larger office, and then the shop is about three times bigger than the one we were in," said Klose.

The building will be used for much more than just agriculture. "It allows us the space for our officers to meet and plan community service activities, meetings, and all the things that really make FFAand ag programs run. So it gives us the space to do that. And that is the big thing, is being able to connect back to that community that has supported us so well," said Klose.
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