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City opposes certain pending rule amendments by the TRC

Amarillo, TX - Residents could see a hike on their gas bill if pending rule amendments by the Texas Railroad commission are put into place.

The pending amendments by the Texas Railroad Commission could potentially eliminate Amarillo's ability to challenge gas rate hikes something Mayor Paul Harpole says the city isn't taking lightly."We think it is important to at least wave the flag and say we want local control and we think that what you say is contrary to what you are doing, and we are dealing a monopoly. We can't hand a monopoly over what our future is and what our costs are" said Harpole.

Tuesday the city passed a resolution opposing these pending amendments. Council member Brian Eades says the pending amendments could affect Amarillo residents and their gas bill. "I would almost guarantee that Amarillo residents would expect to see an increase in their rates if we lose local control. They are trying to lump us in with Abilene and other cities that don't have the same issues that we have" said Eades.

The mayor says Amarillo experienced a similar situation when the city lost local control with cable companies ."Suddenlink has been a great partner, but now we have no say so with what they are going to do in our city because the railroad commission decided they have say so over that" said Harpole.

The city says maintaining local control is essential to making sure rates will not sky rocket. "We have already paid for infrastructure in our area and now we will have to pay for infrastructures in other areas because of this lack of local control. The city is hoping by passing a resolution opposing the pending amendments they will be able to maintain local input" said Harpole.

"We hope the Sunset Commission or someone else would move that rate making authority over to the public utility commission, we think that would solve a lot of it and we would still have local input into that process" said Harpole.

The city says in order to make sure these rules do not go into effect it will take residents contacting and writing their state legislators.
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