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Local business ask the community for help after vandalized equipment

Amarillo, TX - Pepper King works for John Miles Concrete. He went to his construction site off of Alredge and 42nd to finish up a project, but found that his equipment was vandalized.

"First thing I noticed was the tire was slashed and my window was busted out," said King.

He also saw egg shells and dog feces on his seat inside the machine."And they also took a saw and cuthydraulic lines all on the front of the machine," said King.

King says his company has insurance on the equipment, but repairs on this will be costly. "The tire just by it self is $1,058," said King.

He also says the cost of materials and labor to fix the hydraulic lines will be over $2,000. "And I will need a new seat inside," said King.

And with this machine being down, time is running out to finish this project in the Tradewinds subdivision. There will be a new street in this area and King was finishing up putting house pads in.

"I was suppose to have them done by Monday morning," said King.

Now that he isn't able to get this done, his personal pocket book will also suffer. "I get paid by how much I do. So, I will have a pay-cut in my check,"said King.

King said he asked people in the residential area if they saw a person or a group of people messing with his equipment, but no one knew any information. "I'm frustrated," said King.

John Miles Concrete is offering a thousand dollar reward to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest.

A police report has been filed through the Amarillo Police Department, and they are investigating.
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